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Most of us are saving toward a goal that is several years, if not decades, down the road. While times of volatility are uncomfortable, it's investors who are nearing or in retirement that are most impacted. That is why now, perhaps more than ever, it’s important to maintain your long-term focus.

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We are investment professionals who have your long term goals and best interest in mind. And while market volatility can be concerning, managing risk is part of what our investment team does for you. Our team of experts develops portfolios that are built to weather fluctuating market conditions and personalized for your unique situation. 

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We've seen our share of market events over the last 20 years — both good and bad. Our experience tells us that it's not always easy for investors to stomach the market's ups and downs. If you need to review your portfolio, or just want talk to someone about what’s going on, we are here for you. Our advisors are available to answer your call at {{SUPPORT_PHONE}}, {{SUPPORT_HOURS}}. 

“You are not alone. Over 1 million hardworking-Americans are trusting Financial Engines to look after one of their greatest assets: their retirement savings. It’s what we’re here for. We don’t take this responsibility lightly.”

Kelly O'Donnell 
Executive Vice President, Head of Workplace at Financial Engines

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You may be wondering how your retirement savings are impacted by recent market volatility — and what you should do about it. Financial Engines is here to provide you with information, experience, and perspective that will help you get through these turbulent times.

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Our clients rely on us to help them understand what is happening, how to respond, and what we're doing to help. Before you react, take a few minutes to see how our advisors are responding to frequently asked questions.

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